Amsoil FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing AMSOIL Products

How can I purchase AMSOIL products?

You can order products directly online by clicking on the Online Store link at the top of every page on our website. Or click on Services to learn more about the AMSOIL Preferred Customer Membership and how to buy AMSOIL at wholesale price.

If you or someone you know  is interested in retailing Amsoil products or using them commercially click here to fill out your information. This is a free program for retailers and commercial accounts.

How long have AMSOIL lubricants been on the market?

AMSOIL introduced the first synthetic motor oil with an API (American Petroleum Institute) Service Classification in 1972. Since that time, AMSOIL has varied and expanded its product line.

Switching From Petroleum To Synthetic

I heard that new cars require a break in period with petroleum before you switch them to synthetic is this true?

AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil can be used during break-in trouble free. In fact, vehicles such as Dodge Viper and Chevrolet Corvette come factory filled with synthetic oil.

Since most new vehicles come filled with petroleum oil, it only makes good sense to change to AMSOIL at the first scheduled oil change interval. New engine components generate high levels of wear metals and can contain contaminants from assembly. By allowing the engine to operate with the petroleum oil until the first oil/filter change interval, the wear metals and contaminants are removed prior to installing AMSOIL.
Will synthetic motor oil clean the sludge from my engine and plug the oil filter and passageways?

Absolutely not. Switching from petroleum oil to AMSOIL in routinely maintained vehicles will not cause clogged oil filters or passageways, regardless of mileage. Sludge, which is caused by poor quality oil and neglected maintenance practices, would have to be present in significant amounts to plug oil filters and passageways. If this excessive amount of sludge is present in an engine, it is just a matter of time before oil filters and passageways clog, regardless of the installation of AMSOIL.

Is it true that installing AMSOIL or other synthetic oils will cause my engine to leak oil?

In modern vehicles, there is no risk of AMSOIL motor oil leaking. In fact, AMSOIL motor oil is fully compatible with modern seal materials. It is properly formulated to condition seals, keeping them pliable to prevent leakage.

Is it true that switching to AMSOIL or other synthetic oils will void my warranty?

Absolutely not. Congress in 1975 enacted the federal Magnuson-Moss Act to regulate written consumer product warranties. An examination of the law reveals warranties remain intact when AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants are used. Click here for the full details.

Motor Oils

Motor Oil Recommendation For Ford Powerstroke Diesel
Question: I have a 2001 Ford F-350 Pickup with a Powerstroke Diesel with 7000 miles. I’m getting ready to change over to synthetic oil. What AMSOIL motor oil would you recommend to use?

It is recommended that you use either AMSOIL Series 3000 Synthetic 5W-30 Heavy-Duty Diesel Oil (HDD) or AMSOIL Synthetic 15W-40 Heavy-DutyDiesel and Marine Motor Oil (AME) for this diesel application. HDD is the preferred choice for better fuel economy, cold weather performance and mixed gasoline and diesel engine fleets. It provides better protection compared to conventional 15W-40 mineral based oils with its superior film strength and enhanced anti-wear additives. AMSOIL AME is a premium oil that matches many manufacturers viscosity recommendations. It outperforms competitive 15W-40 oils and is a lower cost option compared to AMSOIL HDD.

Can I use AMSOIL AFF 0W-40 in my new 4-stroke snowmobile?

Absolutely! AMSOIL AFF 0W-40 was specifically formulated for use in small, hard working 4-stroke engines. AFF is ideal for 4-cycle snowmobiles, ATV’s, personal watercraft, 4-stroke boat motors, lawn equipment etc.

Can I use AMSOIL AFF 0W-40 in my car or truck?

AMSOIL AFF can most certainly be used in cars or trucks but it is not our first choice for automotive applications. We offer a full line of automotive oils. AFF is specifically formulated for small recreational 4-stroke engines, and is an excellent choice for 4-Stroke outboards, ATVs, lawn equipment, snow blowers etc.

Can AMSOIL Motor Oils be recycled?

AMSOIL synthetic oils can be recycled in the same manner as a petroleum-based motor oils. Synthetic oils can also be used in furnaces designed to burn waste oils.

What are AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils?

AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants are fuel efficient, extended life lubricants manufactured from select synthetic base stocks and special purpose additives. These lubricants provide improved overall performance characteristics when compared to conventional petroleum oils.

What types of synthetic base oil fluids does AMSOIL use?

As the developer of the world’s first API qualified synthetic motor oil in 1972, AMSOIL has gained more experience than any other oil company in formulating automotive synthetic lubricants. It is this extensive experience that provides the ability to maximize product performance through use of a full range of high-performance synthetic base oils, most notably polyalphaolefin (PAO).  AMSOIL views synthetic base oils the same as it views additives, with each having its own set of unique properties.  AMSOIL engineers its lubricants with the synthetic base oil or combination of base oils best suited to a specific lubricant’s application demands (gasoline, diesel, racing, transmission, gear, extended drain, extreme temperature, etc.).

AMSOIL INC. maintains an unwavering commitment to provide products that outperform the competition and deliver maximum benefits to all AMSOIL customers. Performance is the bottom line.

What are AMSOIL Synthetic Blend Motor Oils?

AMSOIL Synthetic Blend Motor Oils are a blend of synthetic fluids and petroleum oils. They are combined to form an all season motor oil that demonstrates many of the performance features of synthetic lubricants.
Can AMSOIL Motor Oils be used in any engine?

AMSOIL Motor Oils may be used in any mechanically sound gasoline or diesel fueled engine. Basically, that means they are excellent for use in any vehicle’s engine.

Will AMSOIL Motor Oils void the warranty of a new vehicle?
Absolutely not! Manufacturers’ warranties are based upon the use of oils meeting specific API Service Classifications, for example, SJ/CF. (AMSOIL lubricants meet the current API Service requirements and, thus, are perfectly suited for use in any new vehicle without affecting the validity of the new vehicle warranty.)
Are AMSOIL Motor Oils All-Season Oils?

Synthetic oils are made to protect and perform better than petroleum oils at both high and low temperature extremes. That’s why every jet engine in the world is lubricated with synthetic oil. AMSOIL Motor Oils have extremely low pour points and flow readily at extremely low temperatures for easier winter starting and significantly reduced engine wear. At high temperatures, no conventional motor oil can compare to the overall protection AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils provide. That’s extremely important for today’s turbocharged and small, non-turbocharged engines!
Are AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils and petroleum motor oils compatible?

AMSOIL synthetic motor oils are fully compatible with all petroleum motor oils, and there is no danger in mixing the two. Mixing AMSOIL and petroleum oil, however, is not a recommended as a general practice. Performance and long drain intervals will be sacrificed and the oil should be promptly changed, at maximum, within the next 3,000 miles.

Why are AMSOIL Motor Oils capable of extended drain intervals?

AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils are highly resistant to the destructive effects of heat, and do not break down like petroleum oils. This means that AMSOIL Motor Oils can provide much longer drain intervals than conventional lubricants.

Will AMSOIL Motor Oils decrease oil consumption?

Yes. When used in mechanically sound engines, AMSOIL Motor Oils can reduce oil consumption. Under test conditions, a reduction of as much as 42% was demonstrated for prolonged periods. However, this should not be taken to mean that AMSOIL Motor Oils are “cure-alls” for engines that consume oil because of mechanical problems.

Is there a recommended procedure for changing to AMSOIL Motor Oils?

There are no special requirements; however, in older vehicles or those with high mileage, it may be advisable to use AMSOIL Engine Flush first. This will ensure that the engine is clean and free of any accumulated contaminants which might have an effect on the service life of AMSOIL Motor Oils. In all cases, it is good judgement to install a new AMSOIL Absolute Efficiency Oil Filter (EaO) every time you change oil.

Should Oil Additives or After Market Products be added to AMSOIL Motor Oils?

No, they are not necessary! AMSOIL Motor Oils are properly formulated under the strictest Quality Control procedure to provide superior lubrication performance.

Oil and Air Filters

AMSOIL Marine Dual Remote Filtration System Frequently Asked Questions

Is the principle of operation of the BMK-18 the same as the BMK-13, BMK-15, BMK-16, and BMK-17?

Yes, the principle is exactly the same. For a given volume of oil being filtered at one time, the full flow filter filters approximately 80-85% of the oil, while the by-pass filter filters approximately 15-20% of the oil.

What are the recommended applications for the BMK-18?

Gasoline powered inboard and inboard/outboard engines and light-duty diesel inboard engines. For specific applications consult the AMSOIL website or the Adapter Kit Application Guide (G-2051).

Is it necessary to install marine filters when using the BMK-18?

Marine filters are manufactured with an extra measure of corrosion resistance, but using a marine filter is not necessary when following the prescribed filter changes outlined in the BMK-18 instruction sheet. (BP-239)

Must I order a separate adapter fitting when I order a BMK-18?

Yes. A spin on adapter kit must be ordered that matches your application as found in the Applications Guide (G-2051). There are four options:

* BK-195 (3/4″ x 16 thread)
* BK-196 (13/16″ x 16 thread)
* BK-197 (18 mm x 1.5 thread)
* BK-198 (20 mm x 1.5 thread

Why is the BMK-18 more expensive than the other Dual Remote By-Pass Systems?

The BMK-18 is designed to be installed in harsh marine environments. The hose fittings are coated with a 3 ml layer of Alumiplate™ and 1 ml of zinc and yellow chromate. Standard hydraulic fittings typically survive for 96 hours in the grueling ASTM B-117 Salt Spray Test. When we subjected the Alumiplate™ coated AMSOIL Marine Bypass System fittings to this critical corrosion resistance test protocol, they lasted over 1,000 hours! This means the Alumiplate™ coating on the fittings of the AMSOIL Marine By-Pass Filtration System is 10 times more corrosion resistant than standard zinc and yellow chromate plated fittings! While this exclusive Alumiplate™ coating process is expensive, AMSOIL felt this extra margin of system protection was absolutely necessary to provide marine application customers with extraordinary corrosion resistance and protection – and the peace of mind that goes with knowing that the AMSOIL Marine By-Pass System is engineered for demanding marine applications. Also, the fasteners and mounting bracket are stainless steel, and the hoses are larger diameter stainless steel braided and U.S. Coast Guard approved.

Where do I apply the anti-seize compound that is supplied with the kit?

Apply a small amount on the swivel end of each hose end fitting and on the adapter retaining nut to avoid seizure.

Where do I apply the thread sealant?

On threaded connectors that are mounted to the filter mount assembly and the spin on adapter.

Is the entire BMK-18 unit U.S. Coast Guard approved?

No, only the hose is U.S. Coast Guard approved. The other components, designed for marine environments, are not regulated by the Coast Guard.

Can I use the BMK-18 in a vehicle other than a boat?

Yes, you can mount the BMK-18 onto any engine that will accept the appropriate adapter and where room permits.

Can I order replacement parts for the BMK-18?

Yes. Replacement parts are available at this point. However, it must be ordered through our Superior product center at this time.

Many salt-water boats have diesel engines. Does AMSOIL make a by-pass system for them?

The BMK-18 can be used with many of the smaller diesel engines. As long as you can match the filter thread size with the adapters available from AMSOIL, the system can be used.

Does the BMK-18 remove water from my oil?

The by-pass filter isolates small amounts of moisture and condensation from the oil stream.

How does the BMK-18 compare to other marine by-pass systems?

The BMK-18 is unique due to the fact it has individual adapters for each filter thread size. Also, the AMSOIL Marine By-Pass has a combination of full flow and by-pass filters in one unit. Most other by-pass filter units do not have a full flow filter associated with the unit.

What filter sizes come on the BMK-18? How do I know which is best for my application?

The BMK-18 does not come with filters. Depending on clearance available, AMSOIL recommends either the EaBP-90, EaBP-100, and EaBP-110 By-Pass Filters and any AMSOIL full flow filter with a ¾” x 16 thread. Preference would be given to the AMSOIL EaO-15 or the larger EaO-26. To provide maximum protection, AMSOIL recommends the installation of a filter that is large as possible for the area available.


What AMSOIL products should I use for my Harley Davidson motorcycle?
Click Here for the AMSOIL Harley-Davidson Oil Chart

Shock Therapy Oil Weights

Shock Therapy Light corresponds to a 5 wt. and Shock Therapy Medium corresponds to a 10 wt.


Misinformation about AMSOIL Universal ATF and Mercon and Mercon V applications

Problem: AMSOIL INC. has been informed that some AMSOIL Dealers and their customers have experienced problems with their local Ford Dealership service department when bringing in the new AMSOIL Universal ATF for installation in their Ford vehicle transmission.  They have been told that:  A) You cannot put a Mercon V labeled transmission fluid in a Mercon application.  B) That you cannot put a Mercon labeled transmission fluid in a Mercon V application (this is true).  C) That you cannot put a dual usage labeled ATF product in the Mercon application or the Mercon V application.  Since the new AMSOIL Universal Transmission Fluid is labeled dual usage, recommended for both Mercon and Mercon V applications, some Ford Dealership service managers are telling their customers that if they put the AMSOIL Universal ATF product in their transmission it will void their transmission warranty.

Answer: At least one oil companys ATF product with a Mercon V rating does not also meet Mercon performance requirements.  This has apparently caused a great deal of confusion about allowing Mercon V ATF to be back serviceable in Mercon applications. The AMSOIL Universal ATF has been formulated to meet or exceed both the Mercon and Mercon V specification, as well as G.M. Dexron III and Chrysler ATF+4.  It is fully supported through documented testing.  It is recommended for and can be used in ALL of the applications listed on the label. PERIOD.

If someone is misinformed on this issue and actually  denies a manufacturers warranty coverage because of the use of AMSOIL Universal ATF Fluid in one of the applications for which it is recommended by AMSOIL INC.,  the AMSOIL Warranty coverage would apply.  The consumers transmission would be repaired under the AMSOIL Warranty.  AMSOIL  INC. and our insurance company will legally pursue the dealership or the manufacturer to recover our costs.  AMSOIL INC. would not make the recommendations on our label, or issue this statement, if we were not completely confident of our position on this matter.  While we cannot control what individuals say about this subject, we can and do insure that consumers can use our product with complete confidence and without risk.


Is there a glossary of common lubricant terms used in technical bulletins?

Glossary of Acronyms and Common Terms

Amsoil And Buysynthetic Info Page


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