NEW PRODUCT! – Wildlife Food Plot Formula


Wildlife Food Plot Formula

Natural Fertilizer 4-3-3

The Power of Food Plots

Just like humans, animals are healthier and feel better when they eat nutrient-rich foods. When wild animals are offered a food source that provides greater protein levels, they will favor that food source over others. That’s what makes food plots so powerful. Proper seed selection coupled with effective soil preparation greatly increases protein levels over natural forage. AGGRAND Natural Wildlife Food Plot Formula helps boost nutrient levels, including protein, by enhancing natural soil microbial activity while providing the primary, secondary and micro-nutrients plants need to flourish. Improved habitat and easy access to succulent, nutrient-rich food will help attract more wild game and help grow larger, healthier animals.

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Available Sizes:

(1) 2.5-gallon bottle (singles)

(2) 2.5-gallon bottles (twin-packs)


Natural Wildlife Food Plot Formula

Sustainable Agriculture

Proper soil care is the root of sustainable agriculture. Chemical fertilization ignores the soil and feeds the plants themselves. Water-soluble nutrients are delivered plant-ready and are expended quickly, resulting in the need for additional fertilizer applications. Nutrients not immediately used by plants leech into groundwater, causing nitrification of drinking water. They can also runoff into waterways, causing algae blooms that result in hypoxic dead zones that can’t support aquatic life. In addition, chemical fertilizers that are high in salt are toxic to soil biology. Reduction of soil biology leads to compaction of soil and increased susceptibility to erosion. AGGRAND Natural Wildlife Food Plot Formula Fertilizer feeds the natural soil biology. Often referred to as the “livestock of the soil,” this army of soil life breaks down the components of AGGRAND Food Plot Formula into plant-available nutrients. Their steady release ensures nutrients remain in the soil to support growing plants. AGGRAND Natural Wildlife Food Plot Formula is manufactured from the finest natural ingredients available, including fish, bloodmeal, Norwegian kelp, sulfate of potash and a host of other essential natural ingredients for a truly excellent all-purpose product.

Increase Nitrogen Levels

Increased nitrogen levels in the soil result in increased soil microbial populations and increased nutrient uptake in crops for healthier, more resilient plants.

Milton Daily

Increase Sulfur Levels

Proper sulfur levels provide high levels of protein in seed crops, forages and legumes, producing crops animals prefer.

Feed Beneficial Micro-Organisms

Beneficial micro-organisms produce plant growth stimulants and can produce digestive enzymes that attack and kill undesirable fungal pathogens, resulting in larger, healthier plants.

Increase Potassium Levels

Potassium enables efficient use of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, regulates plant tissues and fluids and is a prime requirement in chlorophyll construction, resulting in more of the large, nutrient-rich plants that animals prefer.

Increase Phosphorus Levels

Phosphorus is important in flower, seed and fruit development, essential for vigorous growth of plant reproductive parts and facilitates efficient energy storage and transfer. That means plants produce more seeds and fruit, providing more for wildlife to eat and allowing plants to re-seed themselves for better-established stands of vegetation.

Effective Delivery

Fine particle size and liquid application ensure rapid penetration to plants’ root zones, ensuring crops get the nutrients they need for optimum growth. AGGRAND Food Plot Formula is effective for use in both foliar and soil applications.

AGGRAND State Registration List (52k PDF).

MSDS: AGGRAND Wildlife Food Plot Formula ( PDF – coming soon)


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